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Read + Review — Fantasy League, by Mike Lupica


This book was mainly about Charlie Gaines’ love for the game of football. Charlie strongly supports his favorite NFL team, the Los Angeles Bulldogs, and he develops a strong relationship with the owner of the Bulldogs, Joe Warren. The main issue in the book is when Charlie Gaines begins helping Joe Warren with player picks, and this causes discrepancies with the rest of the community. As Charlie’s relationship with the owner progresses, Charlie’s personality also seems to transform. He becomes increasingly egotistic, and this causes tensions with his best friend Anna Warren.

In my opinion, I believe the book was written wonderfully and I would definitely not mind reading again. As I examined the complicated relationship that Charlie and Anna Warren, Joe Warren’s granddaughter, seemed to develop, I noticed that the event is very similar in the real world as well. I also enjoyed how a young 12 year old such as Charlie Gaines could become such good friends with a 79 year old. This relationship proved to me that friendship has no age limit.

One memorable thing about the book was the passion that Charlie Gaines had for football. The way the book was written, it seemed as if Charlie was willing to give up anything to be involved with football.

Reviewed by Sampath, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library


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