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Read + Review — Four: A Divergent Collection, by Veronica Roth


Tobias Eaton has been living in the Abnegation faction his entire life. But when he turns sixteen, he chooses otherwise. Joining Dauntless, the brave, he soon faces his fears, and learns to deal with all of them. Unfortunately, life isn’t so simple for our main man. Corruption seeps into the very core of the faction, and powers soon takes control of the shadows. When he (now called Four) meets the girl Beatrice (Tris), the veil is pierced with force. Who will come out on top? Who will survive? And more importantly, will Tobias finally find the truth of the factions?

I heard a lot of hate over this book, maybe because it wasn’t what people expected, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Deep at some points, funny in others, and the just right amount of action. Tobias Eaton maybe wasn’t the most expanded-on character in Divergent, so to hear everything from his perspective…well, it gave me a new perspective on the ever-growing world of Divergent. The one thing I didn’t like was how the plot moved, although it was consistent, it was kind of boring, not much new ideas, characters, or themes added for me.

I feel like one of the most memorable things in the book was the fears of Tobias (this is kind pf hard to explain without spoiling). I feel like it was a harsh slap to the face, followed by a mix of feels in which I hated and enjoyed at the same time.

Reviewed by David, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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