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Read + Review — Hollow City, by Ransom Riggs


After the safe time loop Miss Peregrine created for her peculiar children is destroyed, the evil Wights and Hollowgasts swarm in to kill the children. The peculiar children must flee with Miss Peregrine, who is stuck in her bird form, to London. Along the way Jacob learns more and more about his peculiar friends and their special abilities. He also learns more about who he is, as a person, and a peculiar.

I thought Hollow City was a well written book with a lot of constant action and sudden fights. The entire book was about the children on the run, which made it very interesting in the beginning, but after so much action it started to run together. However, watching the characters develop on the journey and in their interactions with each other made the book very enjoyable. The characters become much deeper people and begin to become more important to the overall story.

The character development is incredibly important in the overall story and in Hollow City, it is definitely the most memorable thing about the book.

Reviewed by Silas, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library


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