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Read + Review — I Remember You, by Cathleen Davitt Bell


Juliet is an overachieving high school junior who has her life planned out for college and law school. On the other hand, Lucas, a senior, knows that he will enlist in the Marines, following the footsteps of his father and other relatives. Ever since their first meeting in Physics class, Lucas encounters feelings of déjà vu towards Juliet. He claims to have memories of their romance and that he have already experienced it. Initially, Juliet was skeptical of Lucas’s claims, but as the story progresses, Juliet realizes that his flashbacks will unravel the future of their blossoming relationship.

This book consists of a blend of romance and science fiction. In the beginning, the story was quite fast paced and the romance between Lucas and Juliet seemed a bit rushed. At times, it suffers from certain cliche scenes that are typical of the romance genre. However, the story becomes more exciting as it progresses and the ending was satisfying and well-written. This book is great for people who enjoy teen romance, angst, and a bit of science fiction.

This book was memorable in the way it was able to successfully capture the bittersweet feelings of a first love.

Reviewed by Bonnie, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library


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