Read + Review — I Was Here by Gayle Forman

I was here

With a mother who worked at a bar and basically stayed the night at a different house every day, Cody spent most of the time with the Garcia family. That is, until she received an email from her dead best friend on how she poisoned herself. Meg Garcia, the same best friend she shared secrets with and thought of as a sister. Even so, Cody didn’t know everything about Meg. When she visited Meg’s college dorm to pack, she found an encrypted file containing secrets that Cody never knew until it became unlocked.

I liked the book a lot and would recommend it to those who enjoy drama as there are a lot of broken relationships and unknown stories in the book. It’s about grief and moving on in life. I wish there was more action. Furthermore, I really like how there aren’t many characters because once they are introduced, everything else really falls into place.

One memorable thing about this book is how Meg and Cody were not alike at all but were still extremely close friends.

Reviewed by Angela, Grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library 


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