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Read + Review — Public School Superhero, by James Patterson


Kenny Wright, a smart and bright child, suddenly becomes someone he would’ve never thought of. His lies hurt his life and those whom he lied too. After almost being suspended, he gets an opportunity to become a friend to the rebels, forgetting his old friends. But when he sees an opportunity to fix his wrong doings, will he be able to take on the challenge?

Personally, I loved this book. As Kenny faces challenges, there was suspense on how he would take it on. Although this is a fast read, I think it was worth the time. For those who like fast and decent reads, this book is for you. Vice versa, for those who like more mature and long reads, this is probably not your best choice.

Kenny would do stupid but brave things to impress his friends. I don’t admire his ideas, but I like his courage. If I was him, I would’ve used that courage on something to help other people, not to get in trouble.

Reviewed by David, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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