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Read + Review — Razorhurst, by Justine Larbalestier


In a world of mobs and gangs, two ruthless bosses form a treaty. On one condition, that it would be enforced by the razor men. But soon, the treaty cracks, and only a few can see it. One of them is Kelpie, a supernatural medium, able to see the dead. Chaos erupts, as the peace is shattered in the small neighborhood of Razorhurst, Kelpie, with the help of her friend, Dymphna Campbell, will have to not only survive, but to survive together.

I despise the villains and love the protagonists, what more can I say? Carefully constructed, the world in Razorhurst becomes an outlandish wonderland (but you know, with a lot of dead people). I didn’t really like the lack of humor though. I need my humor. But overall I liked the way the author transitions from hats to haircuts to evil psychopaths.

I love the way the author introduces characters in this book, especially Neal Darcy. The book keeps the characters active, rather than sitting each out one at a time, it connects the characters with the rest of the world.

Reviewed by David, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library


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