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Read + Review — Seekers: Return to the Wild #5: The Burning Horizon, by Erin Hunter


Toklo has just put up his very own territory in the mountains. Now Lusa is the only bear without a proper home. Yakone, Kallik, Toklo, and Lusa are very close friends. Yakone is a white bear, Kallik is a white bear, Toklo is a brown bear, and Lusa is a black bear. Usually, different types of bears do not interact with each other, but they are a special case since they have been travelling with each other for such a long time that they are virtually a family. Yakone, Kallik, and Toklo are determined to bring Lusa to the Great Bear Lake by the Longest Day, the day when the day is the longest and the night is the shortest. The Longest Day is the day when all bear types, white, brown, and black, meet at a very big gathering. There, Lusa will find her true home and family. The journey to the Great Bear Lake is difficult. They constantly face the problem of hunger and not making it to the Great Bear Lake by the Longest Day. The journey is made even more difficult when Lusa mysteriously disappears. Yakone, Kallik, and Toklo believe that Toklo was taken away by flat-faces, or humans, and they try to find Lusa and rescue her. Then Kallik gets separated from the group, too, and Yakone and Toklo are unsure whether they should save Kallik or save Lusa because of the limited time they have until the Longest Day. Meanwhile, Lusa finds new friends in her new environment, and she is also unsure whether she should stay with her new friends or try to find her way back to Yakone, Kallik, and Toklo. Will Lusa ever find a true family?

I thought that this book was pretty good. In my opinion, this book was better than the previous book in the series since it had more action. This book had lots of action, but there were not any big cliffhangers or alarming moments. Adding more suspense and alarming moments is one thing that I would change about this book. I did not like the flat-faces, since they basically kidnapped a harmless little Lusa even though she tried to show them that she was just an innocent little bear. I liked how brave Yakone was. Even though Yakone was injured from the very beginning of the journey, he still stayed strong and kept on with the journey at a brisk pace. I also liked the third person narrative that revolved around the three characters Kallik, Toklo, and Lusa. I would recommend this book to everyone who likes fantasy books and animals, especially those who like to read other Erin Hunter books such as the Warriors books. Overall, this book was a great, amusing book. Good job, Erin Hunter!

One memorable thing about the book was how the bears used words like flat-faces, firestick, and firebeast. Flat-faces is how the bears say what humans call a human, a firestick is how the bears say what humans call a gun, and a firebeast is how the bears say what humans would call a car. I thought that it was very interesting since the words were almost like bear slang.

Reviewed by James, Grade 7, Gayton Library


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