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Read + Review — The Hangman’s Revolution (W.A.R.P. Book 2), by Eoin Colfer


The second book in the W.A.R.P. series, begins back in the future. Though the future is ruled by a dictatorship known as the Boxite Empire, under who the familiar protagonist Chevron Savano is stuck. After a confrontation with the Thundercats (not actual cats), Chevron gets sent back in time to Victorian London before Box takes over it. Now Chevron must again work together with Riley, an assassin’s apprentice, and Otto Malarkey, leader of the Battering Rams, to stop Box.

I enjoyed the book and the characters that it brought back. The only problem I could come up with was the character development of a few certain characters, they either progress too quickly for me to grow any connection to who they are or they don’t progress and fade into obscurity. Other than that the book was solid with the amount of tension as the protagonists never seemed to have the upper hand. The setting was historical accurate considering that it is set in historian London. Overall, a fun and exciting read.

The best moment is near the beginning of the book, in which Riley displays his prowess of magic to the rowdy crowd of Rams while making his retreat but before he could, the future caught up to him.

Reviewed by Alsharief, Grade 11, Twin Hickory Area Library


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