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Read + Review — All Fall Down by Ally Carter

all fall down

When Grace moves into the precariously placed Embassy Row, she is forced into an international world of problems. As she gets settled into the neighborhood, she soon meets friends, but who can she trust? When Grace moves into the fragile Embassy Row, one wrong move and it can All Fall Down. What will Grace Blakely do when she unravels the many mysteries of Embassy Row, including her mother’s death?

I feel like the actual story was great, but a book is more than that. You need more than a strong skeleton, you need details. And I felt like the details were random and inconsistent. Only an afterthought. So while the characters are strong, Ally kinda skipped out on a lot of important story factors.

I felt like the most memorable part of the book was the mystery as a whole, with [spoilers/surprises], and plenty of plot twists for me to devour.

Reviewed by David, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library



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