Read + Review — Bunker Diary, by Kevin Brooks

Linus Weems, an ex-wealthy teenager living on the streets after the death of his mother and consequent arguments with his father, is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. He awakes to find himself in an underground bunker, alone at first, but kept company by microphones and hidden cameras that allow his kidnapper to monitor Linus at all times. Later, other kidnap victims are brought down to accompany Linus. However, the identity and motives of the kidnapper remain unknown. As the story progresses, Linus’s newly developed friendships are put to the test as the prisoners struggle to escape; bargaining with their mysterious captor proves to be dangerous. But, how long will Linus and his inmates be able to cope before they reach the point of insanity? Read this intense page-turner to find out!

An aspect of this thrilling novel that I thoroughly enjoyed is the author’s dramatization of the plot. Kevin Brooks does a fantastic job of building suspense throughout the story; from start to finish, he always left me wondering what would happen next. Furthermore, intense cliffhangers at the end of chapters made this book impossible to put down. Brooks’s mysterious writing style complemented perfectly the various characters’ personalities and the environment they were in.

The never-ending suspense in this novel makes it extremely memorable. The constant drama and thrill of the story climb steadily throughout the story, leaving readers eager to read on.


Reviewed by Lisa, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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