Read + Review: Sway, by Katarina Spears

Jesse “Sway” Alderman, a high school senior, specializes in finding ways to get whatever people need; whether it be term papers, a date with the prom queen, or fake ID’s, he sees it all as business. Jesse prefers a life of solitude; he has few friends and tries not to let emotions get in his way. However, when the captain of the football team hires Jesse to set him up with beautiful and kind Bridget Smalley, everything Jesse thinks about himself changes dramatically. Several accidents happen, and in the process Jesse finds that he can’t always hide his emotions, especially when it comes to unlikely friendships and falling in love.

The author of this book, Kat Spears, found a way to weave the story of Jesse Alderman in a way that made me eager to read more. The way that she characterized Jesse’s personality makes it very easy for modern teenagers to identify with him; his sense of humor and belief that he can control everything, including his emotions, is a very common thing among adolescents. Moreover, my favorite thing about the book is how relatable the plot line and its setting of a modern day school environment are and how the characters and their backgrounds drew me into the story. I could not stop reading!

One of many memorable things about “Sway” is how the main character, Jesse Alderman, is portrayed. His life, intricate personality, and journey throughout the story make him seem like a character anyone would want the chance to meet, and possibly befriend.


Reviewed by Lisa, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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