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Read + Review — Be a Changemaker: How to Start Something that Really Matters by Laurie Ann Thompson

Be a ChangemakerThis book tells you how to start something that matters to you. Meaning that it gives you valuable insight on starting something like a charity or a business. It even provides you with stories of success and encouragement to keep you going. Such as the teenager who lived in a violent and dangerous community, yet turned that around by creating a club that provided local teens a safe place to hang out. This book tells you everything you would ever need or want to know to fulfill your goals.

I rather enjoyed the mood the author put in the book. It makes the reader feel like they really do have what it takes to start what they are trying to do. I liked how there were many stories telling of people who were likely in the same spot as the reader, but how they got through the struggles that were stopping them. I also found it great how they used relevant topics and resources that teens who happened to be reading would enjoy using. The book even provided great methods that can teach valuable life lessons for more than just trying to start their venture in the future.

A memorable moment may be when the author tells the reader of the people, just like the audience, that had found success in their own ventures. This happens multiple times and shows the reader that there very much is hope that they will get their goals done.

Reviewed by Michael, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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