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Read + Review — All Fall Down by Ally Carter

all fall down

Grace Blakely can’t let go of her mother after she witnessed her get murdered. No matter how many times she tried, nobody believes anything she says, and they (her friends as well) lose her trust. Grace is dropped off at Embassy Row to live with her grandfather, who hopes it will be a fresh start. However, Grace can’t stay out of trouble. She seeks for answers as her past continues to consume her both mentally and physically. With the most powerful nations surrounding her, she realizes that one mistake or conflict can mean war and its up to her.

I think that I spent my time well reading this book. Overall, the plot was quite interesting as many books by Ally Carter have spies or international conflict. I loved how she varied her sentences and made every word important. The author put emphasis on certain topics that come into play later on in the story, but I wish the writing was a bit more complex. I am excited to read the next book in the series when it is published.

I like how the characters must be very careful of what they do because they are surrounded by other nations watching them. It is really based on the relationships between certain countries. The author put it as a “domino effect.”


Reviewed by Angela, Grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library


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