Read + Review: Allegiant, by Veronica Roth

Tris Prior and Tobias Eaton of the Dauntless find themselves in the midst of a major revolution taking place in the factions. After the exposure of an astonishing, jaw-dropping video acquired during a raid on Erudite headquarters to the public, it is announced by the video maker that Tris, Tobias Eaton, and the other Divergent are needed outside the borders of their city. In this major insurgency of the four remaining “good” factions (Abnegation, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless) against the evil, knowledgeable group known as the Erudite faction, the four factions discover that against the reckless attacks of the Erudite, they still do not stand a chance. In attempt to counterattack the Erudite’s advantageous serums developed by skilled lab scientists, the leader of this insurgency realizes they must band together with the Factionless, led by Tobias’ biological mother, Evelyn. Along with a rebel group known as the Allegiant, Tris and her group soon arrive outside the borders of the factions and discover that the world as they know it is not at all what it appeared to be, and the war between the factions and factionless was expected. Does this mark the end of the factions altogether? What is to become of the Divergent who escaped the city border? What is to become of Tris and Tobias? All of this and much more is revealed in the intense third and final novel in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series!

“Allegiant” was a thrilling read that revealed electrifying plot-twists and exhilarating action with each turn of the page. In my opinion, there was nothing to dislike about this captivating novel; each turn of the page brought about new action-packed breathtaking adventures. Veronica Roth’s excellent use of descriptive, fascinating events and dialogue kept me engrossed in the novel the entire time. Another unique yet effective way Roth keeps readers interested in the story line is the way she paints the picture of the plot using several strong-willed, opinionated characters that, as the story continues, begin almost to develop minds of their own, which vary slightly from the ones they start out as in the first book of the series. However, the characters all remain true to themselves and Veronica Roth does an outstanding job of emphasizing their enticing personality traits and mindsets.

The most memorable thing about this novel is the way that Tris Prior is portrayed as a character that has many different qualities. Tris’s unique traits, put together, form one distinct identity. Her tough and instinctive, yet loving and caring nature is identifiable with many people, and readers instantly become attached to Tris.


Reviewed by Lisa, grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library 

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