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Read + Review — Game Seven by Paul Volponi

Game Seven

Game Seven is about Julio Ramirez Jr., a teenage baseball addict. Julio and his family were abandoned by Julio Ramirez Sr. when he decided to illegally enter the United States to pursue a career in baseball. Julio Sr.’s journey to the United States proved successful as he becomes a member of the Miami Marlins. Teenage Julio and his family have always felt abandoned, but now Julio Jr. is getting older, and he is pondering whether to follow in his father’s footsteps or to put family first. While he doesn’t want to assume a similar fate to his traitor of a father, it would be a shame for the talented youngster to throw away his hopes and dreams.

I found Game Seven to be an amazing book. Julio Ramirez Jr. was the ideal protagonist and exemplified the right characteristics to put readers on his side. Also, evaluating the situation of Julio and whether or not he should pursue his dream was a very hard decision that I came to think about as if I was put in his situation. The idea of copying somebody you disliked for so much of your life puzzled me, yet presented a difficult question of priority.

I found the element of Julio Jr. considering to emulate his father’s actions, despite disliking him quite interesting.


Reviewed by Alex, 8th Grade, Twin Hickory Area Library

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