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Read + Review — Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

red queenRed Queen is about a futuristic world in which everyone is divided into two groups; Reds and Silvers. Silvers are the main rulers in this world, as they have silver blood that also comes with special abilities like mind control and healing powers. The king and queen are both Silvers, along with the whole royal family. Reds are normal and lack these powers, which make them poor compared to Silvers. Mare, who is one of the Reds, lives in a village known as the Stilts. She lives off pick-pocketing from other people while trying to escape the inevitable; being sent to war. One day, she is caught while pick-pocketing someone who turns out to be very important. Mare is then sent to work as a servant in the palace of the royals. At this palace, she finds out that she also has powers. This tosses her into a world of lies and deception, where she works to uncover the blanket the Silvers have put on the world.

I think the book was well written and full of twists to keep the reader interested. I liked how there were so many secrets that the author slowly built up to. Victoria Aveyard wrote it in such a captivating way that the reader wouldn’t see anything coming until the revelation was right in front of them. It was packed with trickery and had a huge element of surprise throughout the book. I think Mare’s character was perfect for the plot because she eventually realized she had to learn from her mistakes. She seemed to understand her society in a strange way that could only be portrayed by someone like her. Overall, the book was thought provoking and well written.

One thing that is memorable about this book is the lesson it teaches about society. It shows how easily trust can be broken and betrayal can change everything a person once thought.

Reviewed by Triya, 7th Grade, Twin Hickory Area Library

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