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Read + Review — Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

gathering blueGathering Blue is the second book in The Giver Quartet. Kira is a part of a village that wants her dead. She has an injured leg and can’t work properly, but she soon discovers that she has a special talent that could save her life.  Kira, along with her friends Matt and Thomas, try and uncover the mysterious secrets of their home.

Gathering Blue kept my attention and made me eager to find out what happened next. Why I especially loved the book was because I kept trying to figure out how it connected to the first book in the series, The Giver. The book seemed to end very suddenly without a complete resolution, but because there are other books in the series, I think that everything will later be explained.  Also, this book brought up some thought provoking themes while I was reading it, such as how society may change in the future and how others are judged based on how useful they can be to society.

What I found most memorable in this book is how Kira’s society compares to ours, and how it compared to the one in The Giver.

Reviewed by Katie, Grade 8, Tuckahoe Area Library

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