(Super) Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

contest winners

Thanks to everyone who submitted poems to the (Super) Teen Poetry Contest.

Here are your winners!

Eyes Closed

by Julia G., 9th Grade, Gayton Library, High School Winner
Shut eyes,
I stand above a grand city,
The darkness is my shroud.
I am feared, I am loved,
I am the protector, I am the night.
Leaping across rooftops, stopping crime.
The sun rises, painting colors around the edges of the sky.
Night has ended, I am finished.
And now who am I.
My eyes open to light and I know,
I am a girl, with a comic book in hand.
But when I close my eyes and enter the dark,
I am much more.


Not a Hero

by Gracyn G., 10th Grade, Twin Hickory Area Library, High School Winner
I am not a hero
Never will I accept that
I have actually done good and
I have helped people
Even in the smallest ways
I’ve come to realize that
I thought I could never change someone
(Now read backwards)



by Katie T., 7th Grade, Twin Hickory Area Library, Middle School Winner
I was alone in the depths of my own mind
Remembering things that I tried so hard to forget
Lost in the sea of society
Never understanding why life had to be so unforgiving
If happiness was that hard to find
Was it really worth it?

I was ready to leave my life behind, ready for my sorrows to fade away
Just as I would
Living contently seemed so easy to so many
But to me, simply wanting to live at all
Was a challenge I faced each and every day, and I was done.

Ready to say goodbye,
I scribbled a note to anyone who would find it
But then he came; he came to me
And caught the tears escaping from my eyes.

He listened to me, like no one ever did
He heard my misery and understood, like no one ever could
He held my hand; he saved me.

The breath I thought would be my last, he made only the beginning
Of a new life filled with joy and happiness
My worries drifted away, along with my past.

He is the only reason I still breath today, the only reason I still smile
The way he understood, the way he stayed no matter what
Kept me alive.
He will always be my hero.


My Heroes

by Andion D., 7th Grade, Twin Hickory Area Library, Middle School Winner
My heroes wear no capes;
Though in my mind they fly,
Their favorite outfit flutters,
Whenever a breeze blows by.

My heroes have no powers;
They cannot shoot lasers nor fire,
Though when they speak they save lives,
While mine and yours are inspired.

They understand my feelings,
Though sometimes they make me weep.
They take away my nightmares,
So I can go to sleep.

My heroes also have villains,
But they are protected by me.
When flames threaten to scorch their tongue,
I’ll drown the fire with the sea.

I have my heroes, and you have yours,
Each one is different in looks.
But they’re our Superman; they’re our savior,
These wonders we know as books.


A Mighty Human Hero

by Ella M., 6th Grade, Tuckahoe Area Library, Teen Choice Award Winner
A mighty human
Soaring through the air
Saving the citizens
Defeating all villains.

Our guardian rises, never defeated.
Against all odds,
Our hero never surrenders,
Never fails.

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