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Read + Review – Seed by Lisa Heathfield


This book is about a girl named Pearl, who lives at a place called Seed. Seed is a community of self-sufficient farmers and craftsmen who are isolated from the rest of the world. They live off the land, growing and raising everything they eat. However, when an outsider, Ellis, comes to Seed, Pearl starts to wonder if this is the Heaven on Earth that she has thought all her life.

I thought the book was pretty good. I like the way the author describes the environment. I can almost picture myself standing where she is describing. She also described the characters in great detail, such as their personalities and physical features. The book could possibly have been better if it had had a little bit of humor, which it did not. However, the book did have a lot of suspense, which made it more interesting.

As the book progresses, Pearl starts to find out the secrets of the Seed community.

Reviewed by Ian, Grade 10, Gayton Branch Library

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