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Read + Review — Finding Mr. Brightside by Jay Clark

finding mr brightside

This book is about Juliette and Abram who have lived on the same street their whole lives but they had never gotten to know each other. They both have their own family problems which sparks in an affair between Juliette’s mom and Abram’s dad. That affair then results in a car crash that results in the death of the mother and father while they were away together. This makes living in such close proximity very uncomfortable; however, a year later Abram decides to make the leap of faith and asks out Juliette which is where the actual story begins.

I loved the way these characters didn’t fit any stereotype that most YA novels have. Both Juliette and Abram seem to be like actual teenagers instead of a confused adult trying to write for one. I also really enjoyed how the book alternated points of view between the two protagonists so that the reader didn’t only see the thoughts of a single character. Overall, it was an amazing modern love story that I would definitely recommend.

One memorable thing about this book is the way Jay Clark didn’t glorify or sugarcoat Juliette’s ADHD and struggles with her mother which is rare to see in a YA novel and is something that many teenagers struggle with.


Reviewed by Daniela, Grade 9, Gayton Branch Library


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