Summer Stories – Week 5 Winner

Congratulations to Vikram S., grade 8, at Tuckahoe Area Library! Vikram’s short story was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Teen Writing Contest winner. Howard will receive a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

Week 5 Prompt:
There is an ancient creature living under the school.

Vikram’s Winning Story:
The ground erupted! Dirty, dusty pieces of the floor flew everywhere.

“Run for your lives,” a boy yelled as the monstrosity emerged from the hole. It had the head of a boar with enormous fangs and the body of a man, it was the Rakshasa.

Most of the class was shocked at what they were seeing; but then Rakshasa let out a howling screech that snapped them out of there trance. Children began to run everywhere, but one boy named Jim remained calm. He thought to himself I can do this, I can escape this, all I have to is hide until this ancient creature goes away, so he hid under a desk, but that wasn’t enough. Rakshasa could smell his fear from a mile away.

So as Rakshasa went on the prowl, Jim was saying a silent prayer, “Please,” he mumbled, “If anyone can hear me, please help.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Jim’s teacher, Mrs. Wright, kicked the door open.

Mrs. Wright looked terrified, but she still managed to stutter, “I don’t care what you are, but I won’t let you harm any of my students.”

Rakshasa turned toward her slowly and began to make his way to her, and just before he could strike, the school bell rang. It was too high-pitched for the Rakshasa and it flew back into the dark pit from which it came. Saved by the bell yet again!

Don’t miss your chance to win! Submit your original story in response to this week’s prompt.

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