Summer Stories – Week 7 Winner

Congratulations to Jikai Z., grade 12, at Tuckahoe Area Library! Jikai’s short story was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Teen Writing Contest winner. Jikai will receive a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

Week 7 Prompt:
It’s your character’s first day at a new school. He or she wants to get a fresh start, develop a new identity. But in his or her homeroom, your character encounters someone he or she knows from summer camp.

Jikai’s Winning Story:
“It wasn’t one of those things you wish never, ever happened,” Alyssa said.

“What do you mean? I would totally want to be in your shoes. A first kiss? At summer camp? Sign me up!” Jamie disagreed.

“Come on, it was one of the grossest experiences of my life!” Alyssa retorted.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a boy, and not any boy- the boy. The boy she kissed was here at Staunton High with her and she still didn’t know his name. She was sure he told her at one point, but she forgot and it was all strange to her that he was in her school, in the flesh, sporting a very unattractive hairdo.

“Is that him?” Jamie asks Alyssa, whose shocked expression confirmed yes.

“What am I going to do? He’s here? And his hair cut?” Alyssa fake vomited and she grabbed Jamie’s hand and took her to the nearest girls’ restroom.

Once they were in the bathroom, Jamie came up with a definitive plan, “This is what you’re going to do. He probably forgot all about you and won’t bring it up. Then, you will accidently forget everything too and you will not talk to him, because if he sees you and he remembers, literally, the whole school will make you guys an item. In the chance that he does remember, you ask him his name and carry on. Keep calm and carry on. I repeat, keep calm and carry on.”

Don’t miss your chance to win! Submit your original story in response to this week’s prompt.

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