Summer Stories – Week 8 Winner

Congratulations to Hannah A., grade 6, at Tuckahoe Area Library! Hannah’s short story was randomly selected as this week’s Summer Stories Teen Writing Contest winner. Hannah will receive a copy of Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith.

Week 8 Prompt:
What is one of your bad habits? Invent a character who has the bad habit, but a much worse case of it than you have. Write a story where this habit gets your character into trouble.

Hannah’s Winning Story:

“Mr. Miller! This is going too far!” Hayden had forgotten his work… again. His English grade was already down to a D. Mrs. Morris didn’t know what to do. Hayden had a habit of forgetting and overlooking important things but remembering little details. Mrs. Morris made a list of things that he needed to turn in: ten essays and a permission slip for a field trip. Mrs. Morris was fed up. Hayden was fed up, too. He was tired of his small attention span. “Mrs. Morris,” Hayden began. “I will do my best to finish everything.” That’s what he always said. But something always stopped him. “You better, Mr. Miller. Or else you will be held back a grade. Do you understand?” said Mrs. Morris. “Yes, ma’am.” That evening, he had a long talk with his parents. They took away all his electronics and banned his pesky siblings that were always bothering him from going within twenty feet of him and talking. They had Hayden sit down in the study with nothing except paper and pencils and textbooks to do his work. Still, he ended up making origami. Monday rolled around and the principal said he would be held back. Suddenly, the famous author James Patterson walked into office and said to Hayden, “Hello. You must be Hayden Miller. I read your stories that you sent me and they’re amazing! Do you want to coauthor some of my books?” Hayden’s life was about to change tremendously.

Don’t miss your chance to win! Submit your original story in response to this week’s prompt.

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