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Read + Review — Champion by Marie Lu

champion.inddIn the final book of the Legend Trilogy, the war gets out of hand. After a plague outbreak in the Colonies, the Colonies break the cease-fire, and with the help of Africa, plans to attack the Republic. To stop them, the Elector needs a cure. The only way to get that cure is through Eden, Day’s younger brother. But Day won’t let them tamper with his brother again. Will Day ever change his mind? How will the Republic ever find a cure?

I enjoyed this book for many reasons. The first reason is because it was smooth and complete, with great details. It also had great twists that didn’t seem too extreme. The second reason is the characters seem real, with real weaknesses and emotions that don’t seem made up. Day’s love of his little brother doesn’t seem fictional, and it makes me like his character even more.

The most memorable thing about this book is when June and Anden go to Antarctica. I really enjoyed the advanced glasses technology that made it seem like a game.

Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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