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Read + Review — Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

saint anythingThings have changed in the family now that Peyton is gone. Sydney is trying to get used to life now that he is gone since he was usually the center of attention. She’s changed schools to sort of start over and has met a group of friends that make her feel important, unique, and noticeable, especially around Mac and Layla. Will Sydney be able to use this as a chance to start over after this tragic event in their family?

This book is great and even though it is fiction, it tells a story that is very realistic. The characters encounter problems and hardships in their lives that are normal. Not everything is perfect in life and this book shows that, but also shows how you can make it better. This book expresses the value of the individual, and that even though one person is small compared to this huge, wondrous world, every person is a big part of it and has a great importance in a certain way.

One memorable thing about the book is the ending. It ends well, though everything is still not perfect, but much is resolved. The problems are still there, but they have learned how to deal with them. Sydney has finally discovered who she really is and her importance in this world and so has her mother.

Reviewed by Jihad, Grade 10, Gayton Branch Library

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