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Read + Review — Michael & Maria by Shannon Layne

Michael and Maria

Love at first sight is real, especially between two loving characters, Michael and Maria. On a farm, they meet each other, first awkwardly, but then lovingly. They get closer and closer to each other, always looking for a chance to be together. At the end, will they split up forever and forget their long, lost love or will they make up with each other and forget their mistakes? This powerful, amorous book will keep you flipping the pages.

Maria was at first a little mean in a playful way, but later on in the book, she became more loving. Michael, from the start, was always staring at Maria whenever he had the chance to. The author had such a descriptive writing, it almost felt like that I was there. Even if maybe some parts had some humor, it was mostly a loving, flirty book.

I will always remember the connection that connected Maria and Michael together. The way they met each other was so loving, it was like a perfect scene. They are a pair like a cute pair of twins.

Reviewed by Allyson, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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