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Read + Review — The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium book 2) by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Copper Gauntlet

 Ever since he found out he was really Constantine Madden, Callum Hunt has been keeping a growing Evil Overlord list. He doesn’t want to be anything like Constantine Madden. When he finds out what his father has done – and plans to do – he and his pet Chaos-ridden wolf run away. Tamara takes them in until school starts. At school, Callum eventually tells her and Aaron that his father stole the Copper Gauntlet. They set out on a mission to find it and his father, and Jasper finds out. They have no choice but to bring him along. Callum worries he can’t keep his secret forever. Will Aaron and Tamara find out?

I’ve read a lot of books, and this one is among the best. The book was funny, well written, and exciting. Havoc was really nice for a Chaos-ridden wolf, Jasper provided many laughs for such an annoying character. Overall, I really liked this book.

When Callum, Tamara, and Aaron found Jasper on their way out of the Magisterium, they had no choice but to bring him along. His response was pretty laughable.

Reviewed by Ashley, Grade 7, Glen Allen Branch Library

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