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Read + Review — Just My Rotten Luck by James Patterson

Just My Rotten Luck

Middle School days is something we all can relate too. Rafe is just an ordinary kid who hates Hills Village Middle School but in his return to school he has a new plan to keep the year under control with no surprises! Joining the football team is one of the major parts of the grand plan to have a better year than the last; however, things may get out of hand with his arch nemesis Miller the Killer! Rafe will also have to conquer the dilemma of facing popularity head on! Will Rafe make it, despite all the challenges he has laid out for him?

 I liked Rafe’s character and how fun he was. I also like the fact that Rafe was intelligent and had a game plan for middle school. Rafe’s ability to befriend many was also favorable. However I disliked his lack of skills of the football field. I loved the way James Patterson incorporated humor and mystery into a book with a ton of suspense.

One thing that stuck in my head was Patterson’s use of representational pictures, as they were extremely interesting as they added to the picture that each scene painted in my head. Another memorable thing about the book was the amount of problems that Rafe ran into and the way he solved some of the problems.


Reviewed by Darsh, Grade 10, Glen Allen Branch Library

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