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Read + Review — Racing California by Janet Nichols Lynch

Racing CaliforniaThe book was about a boy named Evan who lives in California. He is in high school and one day meets the famous Tour de France winner Dash Shipley, who asks him to join him for the Amgen Tour of California. Evan says yes at first, but then his parents and his girlfriend say no. When he starts to do the race, he learns that riding isn’t important as family and friends.

I liked the book because it was a book about a boy who was anxious to race with a winner of the Tour de France. His ambition for racing was great, but it was a long race and a long journey. The characters were formed really well and the humor was there. The situations were very realistic and could happen to anyone.

The most memorable thing about the book was when Dash asked Evan because it sparked the race. Although Evan is only eighteen, he has the courage to do anything.

Reviewed by Steven, Grade 9, Tuckahoe Area Library

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