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Read + Review — Amelia’s Middle-School Graduation Yearbook by Marissa Moss

Amelias Middle School Graduation Yearbook

Amelia, a soon-to-be high schooler, is thrilled to finally be graduating eight grade with her best friend, Carly. As she waits for the day she officially gets out of middle school, Amelia recaps her memories, from terrible teacher experiences to barely surviving her own babysitting service. Although, things turn for the worst when she finds out her best friend is moving schools! How will Amelia learn to cope with high school without her best friend by her side and all the changes yet to come? This invigorating novel gives the reader the inside scoop on all of the events happening in Amelia’s life, from boy trouble to making new friends!

This book was a fun read, especially with interesting situations included in the novel! The story was written in a diary style, which I loved because it almost felt like I was reading my very own personal notebook. Everything about this book was hilarious and I found that I could almost relate to most of the situations that Amelia faced throughout the story. I believe that this book gives many tips and advice to deal with different problems you face at school, and I extremely enjoyed the fact that it was a quick read!

As a middle-schooler, I felt like this book was very relatable and there were many situations that I have actually encountered at school! This story helped give tips and advice for these situations, and I felt like it has prepared me for the rest of my middle school years!

Reviewed by Mitali Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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