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Read + Review — The golden compass. Volume 1 : the graphic novel by Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass

In a world of human-like bears and cannibals, a young girl uncovers shocking secrets when she spies on the professors of Jordan College, the place where she gets her education. She got intrigued when she overheard a conversation about mysterious dust. The girl, Lyra and her friend Roger tries to find a boy named Billy who had supposedly been taken by the cannibals (Gobblers), but Roger gets lost and Lyra feared that the Gobblers had gotten to him. Lyra was asked to assist a woman named Ms. Coulter. This was a perfect opportunity to head north to save her friend and find out more about this “dust.”

I think this book was wonderfully drawn and adapted. The book threw many surprises at you and kept you guessing. It was also paced really nicely and didn’t shove information down your throat.  I would definitely recommend getting the two other books in the series.

A memorable thing about the book was when Lyra was rescued from the Gobblers. After that, the story shifted in another direction.


Reviewed by Jerry, Grade 7, Tuckahoe Area Library

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