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Read + Review — Daniel X: Lights Out by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein

Daniel X Lights OutBeing the final book in the Daniel X series, Daniel has eliminated all the evil aliens on his “List” except one. Number One, also known as the Prayer, is on the top of Daniel’s “List” because he killed Daniel’s parents. Daniel soon becomes the main target on Number One’s “List.” Using his inhumane powers, not only does Daniel have to seek his revenge, but protect Earth from a giant black hole created by the Prayer himself.

I enjoyed the action and adventure in the book. The plot, however, did seem to drag on for too long. For example, smaller plots and specific points were repeated multiple times. Also, I did not realize that the book was a part of a series since there is no book number on its spine. Some things that were mentioned did not make any sense to me since I did not read the other books in the series. The book was still entertaining despite my mistake.

The book contained a couple of morals in some way. One was to not devote you entire life to one specific thing because you might miss out on the little important things along the way. Explaining the other morals would spoil the book.

Reviewed by Hanna, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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