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Read + Review — Middle School: Just my Rotten Luck by James Patterson

Just My Rotten LuckIt is that time of year again when school comes back around, and Rafe is not in the least bit excited! Miller the Killer’s back and bigger than ever, and to make matters worse, Rafe is being placed in a “special” class. What could be worse than that? Of course, Rafe soon learns this as Miller forces him to join the football team! If anything, Rafe is having the worst school year of his life, but soon learns valuable life choices, lessons, and friendships throughout these grueling months that will change his life forever!

I really enjoyed the book, especially the humor and surprise twists that James Patterson kept incorporating into the story. I especially loved reading the entire story in Rafe’s point of view because so many teens can relate to his problems and challenges he faces during school. I love that Rafe is so interesting and very open-minded to befriend new people and trying out new things, like football, even if he was forced to! Overall, I totally recommend this novel because it is so hilarious, relatable, and there are even pictures in the story!

One memorable thing that stuck with me throughout the entire book definitely has to be the pictures that were drawn throughout the story. The imagery helped me visualize what was going on and I could see everything that was happening through the point of view of Rafe’s mind.

Reviewed by Mitali, Grade 8, Twin Hickory Area Library

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