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Read + Review — The Cage by Megan Shepherd

The Cage

Cora doesn’t know where she is. But where ever it is it is not home. “Her bedroom windows were now rusty-red dunes rising in hundred-foot swells. Her ceiling was a cloudless sky. Her bedside lamp was a blazing sun searing her skin.” She is stuck in an alien habitat with four other teenagers. A model named Nok, a violent bully named Leon, a super genius named Rolf, and Lucky, the army boy. Although they seem very different they all have one thing in common, they want to find a way out. None of them know where they are or how they got there. It’s a strange place with a tundra, desert, ocean, and farm right next to each other! A place with games and puzzles in random places. A place with all different time periods and cultures bundled in one city. A place where they didn’t belong.

I think this book was enchanting. With a fascinating mixture of suspense and action it was a compelling page turner. I love the way that each chapter was told from a different point of view. What it lacks, humor, is leveled out by the books alluring and spellbinding plot.

I think the most memorable thing about this book is its captivating plot and suspense. The author uses well thought out questions and words to make the reader think and feel as if they were there with the characters.

Reviewed by Ksenia, Grade 6, Gayton Branch Library

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