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Read + Review — Infinite in Between by Carolyn Mackler

Infinite in BetweenThe story took place in Hankinson, New York, which is located in central New York state, and the setting changed from house to house, to the mall, and inevitably to the school. When Gregor, Zoe, Jake, Whitney, and Mia first met at the high school orientation, they promised to meet each other again after graduation, and read the letters they wrote to themselves at the orientation. But in the four years of high school, their lives changed in the most unexpected ways. Gregor, the music prodigy, seemed like a normal person, until a tragedy changed his life forever. Zoe, daughter of the world-famous Sierra Laybourne, wanted nothing more than a calm and steady life, especially after a public scandal in London. Jake, an artist in his own right, had problems with everything, or so the story was told. Whitney, although glamorous and popular, found herself in a world falling apart. Finally, Mia, the unique one, was really a mathematical genius. Each of the characters would have to face the world, when everything looked as if it was against them, and they would find help in ways that would change their lives forever.

Infinite in Between is a wonderful book, which spotlights high school drama and how people can change each other’s lives so easily. Also, this book shows the importance of friends, and how a caring parent, sibling, or relative can do so much in a tough situation. It shows how minor things can cause huge events to happen. I think that this book is great that is for anyone who likes crazy twists and infinite abyss of time from the first day of school to graduation day.

The indelible thing about this book was how every one of the five main characters’ lives revolve around each other. Although they went to the same school, they never seemed to see each other, and yet they affected each other’s lives in the most unexpected ways.
Reviewed by Edward, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Area Library

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