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Read + Review — The Copper Gauntlet (Magisterium book 2) by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare

The Copper GauntletThe Copper Gauntlet picks up toward the end of the summer after Call’s first year at the Magisterium, which is described in the first book “The Iron Trial.” Although he hasn’t yet told anyone that he’s housing the soul of Constantine Madden, the worst wizard of all time, Call has spent his summer asking himself if he’s been showing any signs of being an Overlord and he’s afraid that his father may realize what is happening.

When a magical artifact, known as the Alkahest, is stolen from the Magisterium’s custody; Call is sure that his father is the one to blame. This is because only the Alkahest has the potential to separate Constantine’s soul from Call’s body, but can also kill him by accident. Call and his friends Aaron and Tamara go on an expedition to retrieve the stolen artifact. During this excursion, they encounter countless elemental gods but also the biggest challenge they will ever face.

I enjoyed the overall story of the book, and I also enjoyed how the author continued the book from the previous one. After reading the previous book, and then reading the beginning of this book, I was starting to wonder if they would be very similar. This did not turn out to be the case as there were several differences and I thoroughly enjoyed the newer story. The characters and the general writing were well designed. One thing I would recommend is to read the first book, and not just to skip to this one!

The one memorable thing in the book is Callum Hunt’s attitude. Throughout the story, no matter what situation that they were put in, he was always very calm and cool. Even if there was a monster attacking him, he would still respond in a calm manner. This stuck with me throughout the book.

Reviewed by Abhinav, Grade 8, Gayton Branch Library

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