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Read + Review — Maximum Ride Forever by James Patterson

Maximum Ride ForeverThe earlier Maximum Ride books detail the adventures of Maximum and her Flock of genetically-altered mutant friends as they uncover their sinister origins and try to evade danger. In the beginning of the final book, Maximum Ride finds herself and her Flock alone in a desolate post-apocalyptic landscape. They continue to experience a series of gripping encounters with those who want them eradicated, while trying to locate any other survivors. The Flock must come to terms with the destruction of their world, and try to find and stop the mysterious figure called the Remedy that made it all happen.

While not as strong as the earlier books in the series, it manages to provide a conclusion that fans of Maximum Ride will find satisfying.  It stays true to the character, and the gripping action scenes will keep the reader engaged through most of the book.  However, it does drag on a bit, with long segments in between the action.  It can also feel a little depressing at times, but the dramatic finale makes it worth reading.

The character of Maximum Ride feels very genuine, and her relationship with her Flock is very moving and relatable. Her authentic characterization allows the reader to become emotionally involved in her quest, and makes it more gripping to read.

Reviewed by Caroline, Grade 12, Tuckahoe Area Library

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