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Read + Review — After The Red Rain by Barry Lyga

After the Red RainThis book is set in a dystopian society, where the government has too much power and there’s no grass or birds or insects. There’s “factions” as well, which have wars with each other quite a lot. One day, the main character, Deedra, meets a boy who isn’t completely human. She soon realizes he has powers that no one else has, and that some of his powers could kill people, even if he doesn’t like violence. He may be the one person that can bring back animals and plants and anything else that was once there.

 There are a few things I like about this book, and one thing I really didn’t like. I liked that the book created a movie in my head, and I would honestly love to see a sequel. Or even a prequel! That would be amazing! Anyways, the other thing I really liked about this book is that there is a balance between action and peace. So, there’s not dead bodies just everywhere, but it wasn’t boring either. What I didn’t like is at the end, the last scene was a bit too stretched, and I was waiting for it to finish. That’s never a good thing in a book.

One memorable thing about this particular book is the detail that was put into it. It makes a film in your head, and that makes any book that much better. You feel the emotions of the characters as they are going through rough things in their life.
Reviewed by Shreyas, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Area Library

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