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Read+Review — Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

This Lets Get Lostbook follows the epic cross-country road trip of a girl named Leila.  On her way to Canada to see the Northern Lights, she meets four other teens in very different situations, all of whom find a temporary confidante in Leila.  She changes each of their lives forever, and imprints them with her unique take on life.  She finds friendship, romance, and her own identity through her interactions with a diverse cast of characters.

Leila’s character is spontaneous and exciting, which makes this book fun to read.  She approaches each encounter in an unpredictable way which keeps you guessing.  Each fascinating character she meets provides her with new and exciting adventures.  If you liked Paper Towns by John Green, this book follows much the same formula and has a similar spirit. The five-part format keeps it from feeling cliché, and neatly captures each part of her quest.

The reason that the reader eventually discovers for Leila’s journey is very compelling, and explains a great deal about her actions.  The end of the book reveals her unexpected motivations, and reveals a much deeper character than initially expected.

Reviewed by Caroline, Grade 12, Tuckahoe Area Library


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