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Read + Review — A Little In Love by Susan Fletcher

alilA Little In Love is a sad book about a girl raised in a family where being evil is the only way to survive. However, when an opportunity to start over is presented, she realizes how dominant her good side is. The girl is Eponine, and unlike the rest of her family, she has a good side in her, and dislikes the evil ways she has to follow. Her little sister even is okay with being evil, and Eponine feels very alone.

I felt like Eponine’s story should be turned into a Disney movie. It had love, friendship, the battle between good and evil, sacrifice, I would like to go on, but don’t want to spoil the book. I think that Eponine was a very strong character, and that she would make a very good role model. I like the writer’s style, it is to the point, but still carries the emotion of Eponine, and how big her struggle is.

One important moment in the book was when Eponine’s family was imprisoned. She changed a lot in the jail cell, and made vows to change.


Reviewed by Shreya, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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