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Read + Review — Middle School: Just My Rotten Luck by James Patterson


In Hills Village Middle School, everything goes wrong– at least for Rafe Khatchadorian. First, he finds out that to he has to take a “special needs” class in order to be re-enrolled in his middle school because he was kicked out before. His mom thinks it’s a great idea, but Rafe thinks it’ll be miserable. Then, in order to save his life, Rafe joins the Hills Village Middle School football team alongside Miller the Killer, his arch enemy. However, through all his troubles, Rafe keeps strong because of his “brother” Leo, and with Leo, he becomes the “Secret Artist Man,” and creates his own “Loozer Comics”. If he can keep up his pace in Middle School, will Rafe’s life become brighter?

James Patterson takes you flying on a hilarious adventure in Rafe’s life, making things pop out right where you don’t expect it, but he also keeps the story at steady pace, not spending too much time on one thing. Also, even though the author doesn’t keep on one topic, he relates it all back together, and I really liked that. However, I especially liked that the author, when he was writing, kept in mind that his book was for middle schoolers/teens. The things that he included were just my level, for example, not too deep in vocabulary, but deep enough so that I wasn’t bored.

A memorable thing about the book was when Rafe created the secret art agency. His pictures were wonderful, although he did many bad things. It reminded me of a saying that everyone has a good side, a talent. Rafe shared his talent, an art talent, with others.


Reviewed by Carolyn, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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