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Read + Review — Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan

61dF-z3PjxL._SX371_BO1,204,203,200_This book is about twelve Greek heroes whose stories intertwine throughout the book. The main characters are Perseus, Psyche, Phaethon, Otrera, Daedalus, Theseus, Atalanta (not the capital of Georgia), Bellerophon, Cyrene, Orpheus, Hercules, and Jason (and, of course, his Argonauts). This book follows the heroes wherever they went from the day they were born, to the day they die, and all the gruesome stuff in the middle. During the course of this book, monsters were killed, armies were destroyed, and, most importantly, heroes got married, had kids, and repeated with a different wife.

The book makes learning about the Ancient Greeks a lot easier and funnier than before. After reading the other Percy Jackson books, I knew about the Greek and Roman Gods and I had a good idea of what they looked like and how bad their temper was. But, I was still confused about all the Greek myths.

After I read this book, I fully understood why Ancient Greeks are always confused and fighting. I had learned about a few monsters and heroes, but I still had a lot of questions. The myths finally make sense, but I don’t know which story to believe.  The one where Hercules slays the Nemean lion and leaves, or where he stays in the lion’s cave for a few weeks.

One thing I can remember about this book is the way Rick Riordan portrayed the characters in this book. He made them seem more like people of the present. I liked the book better that way because I understood the importance of things they did or objects they had.


Reviewed by Zachary, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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