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Read + Review–Lair of Dreams

In 1920s New York City, pelair_of_dreams_jpg-1.jpgople all over are victims of a mysterious sleeping sickness, for which Chinese-American residents are unfairly blamed. Henry tries to find the one he loves, pursuing help from Ling
Chan, a fellow dream walker, in the midst of all the chaos. Meanwhile, after going public about her abilities as a Diviner, his friend Evie has stepped into the spotlight as the Sweetheart Seer. Her fame has created a barrier between her and her uncle, whose occult museum is in a difficult financial situation. It’s also forced her to fake a romance with ladies-man Sam Lloyd for the public.

Libba Bray’s writing was solid and beautiful throughout the entire story. I loved the period-specific dialogue and the attention to detail in the novel. The characterization and development of the large set of characters was very immersive, even though it was confusing at times since there were so many of them. There was a lot of mystery, action, and tension in the book that I never got bored while reading it. Overall, it was a great book and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

One memorable moment in the book was when Henry and Ling saw each other for the first time while dream-walking. It was very overwhelming for them to find out that there was someone else with the same ability.


Reviewed by Janine, Grade 8, Glen Allen Library

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