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Read + Review–The Dogs by Allan Stratton

25496559.jpgThe Dogs is about a teenage boy named Cameron Weaver. He lives with his mom, who is divorced with his dad, and constantly moves houses. The reason he continuously moves houses is because his mother believes that Cameron’s dad is stalking them, or following them around wherever they go. They finally end up on the property of someone’s farm. However, there is a mystery about the house that they were living in. The legend his that the previous owner was killed by the dogs he owned. Also, the legend continues on saying that his wife and son ran off and were never to be seen again. But, after a couple of nights at the house, Cameron thinks that the theory is wrong. Cameron is determined to find what actually occurred in his house.

I think that this story was a fantastic display of legends and real-life. Cameron discovered a legend in his household and put u with real-life situations such as a new school, new area, and new friends. Also, it was a very spooky and mysterious book because Cameron was trying to unravel a murder mystery.

A memorable thing about this book is even though Cameron was trying to solve a mystery, he didn’t tell anyone for most of the book. Then, he started having nightmares, but didn’t say anything. He attempted to solve this mystery in a very quiet way.


Reviewed by Ronit, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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