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Read + Review — Court of Fives by Kate Elliot

PKBC_Court of Fives.jpgThis thrilling book is about a girl named Doma Jessamy. She is the oldest daughter of four and is the daughter of a commoner and a noble man. She goes into a forbidden competition known as the Fives without her parents knowing but her sisters helping her out. On the day of the Fives tournament, she meets a young boy named Kalliarkos. They soon become friends but Kal’s evil-minded uncle separates Jessamy’s family. The rest of the story is about how Jessamy and Kal save Jessamy’s family from certain death.

This book was very in the middle for me. I liked the characters and especially Kal but I didn’t like the rest of it. I feel like it takes a long time to know the setting of book and the details of it. I also didn’t like how the author is only in first-person view with Jessamy. In some books this is okay, but in this book I wanted to know how Kal felt as well. At first this book became very boring to me but I grew a little bit more interest as it went on. I feel like the author should have started out on a high note.

The only thing that I like about this book are the the characters. Each character is very different from each other and unique. My favorite character in this book was by far Kalliarkos. I liked how he was very noble and courteous.


Reviewed by Aswin, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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