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Read + Review — Kid Owner by Tim Green

{0EBBA550-A5FA-4397-BA5C-86624D5CE6FD}Img400.jpgThe book, Kid Owner, is about a young boy who learns that change can always happen. His life in elementary school was not the best, but when he starts middle school, Ryan Zinna’s life changes for the best. He learns that his father is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, an NFL football team, and has written in his will to hand the team to Ryan after he dies. This story really encapsulates the game of football and what it is meant to be.

The book, Kid Owner, really stuck out to me because of the fact that it had to do with owning a football team. What kid that really enjoyed the game of football would not want to own a team? The main character, Ryan Zinna, showed me the embodiment of a true hero. He always fought to make sure that he got his way in a pleasant manner. He was like the football Gandhi. Almost all of the actions that he made represented change and good will.

I think that one of the most important things that happened in this book was when Ryan got hold of the Dallas Cowboys. This was so important because it changed his “rank” in middle school. Many people were kinder and nicer to him. He became very popular and made so many new friends. This truly affected him and played an important part in his life.


Reviewed by Natasha, Grade 6, Twin Hickory Library

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