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Read + Review — Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans

M51DJ+4lX5YL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgichael Vey Storm of Lightning is about a teenage boy name Michael Vey. Michael is no ordinary teen – he has powers, electric powers to be exact. He has the power to pulse electricity and to form lightning balls to help him fight against his enemy, the Elgen. Michael fights the Elgen along with other teens who also have electric powers in a team called the Electroclan that was established in the previous books. He also fights with two friends named Ostin and Jack who are nonels, or people without electric powers. In this book, the evil Doctor Hatch along with the Elgen and his loyal electric kids take over the island nation of Tuvalu to establish a secret base for world domination to have a world without nonels.

Michael Vey Storm of Lightning is the 5th book in the series and is very plot heavy. You have to pay attention to the story to know what is going on in the book. Also, there are lots and lots of characters; that’s why I like how in the beginning of the book there is a dossier of the characters in case you forget who someone is or if you haven’t read the Michael Vey books in a while. I also like that the Michael Vey books have a good amount of recapping in the first couple chapters so you can pick up in the middle of the series if you wanted to. I just wish in this book that there was more action in the Electroclan vs Elgen war because this book pays more attention on the Elgen than on the Electroclan compared to the other books.

One memorable thing about the book to me was that the sequence of events finally played out so that a rebellion could take place. The books seem to have been building to that point and it played out so well, it was so exciting! The conclusion of that rebellion will probably be explained in the next book coming in the Fall of 2016.


Reviewed by Micah, Grade 9, Libbie Mill Library

2 thoughts on “Read + Review — Michael Vey: Storm of Lightning by Richard Paul Evans”

  1. ok ok when it says read and review i except to read the entire book then rate it what is wrong with people in 20188

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