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Read + Review — The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things by Ann Aguirre

17998543.jpgSage Czinki is known as the “Post-It Princess,” due to her love for leaving notes on the lockers of students that seem like they need cheering up. She is a control freak and a perfectionist, until a transfer student named Shane shows up. He shakes her carefully constructed façade and forces them both to confront the mistakes they have made. The two of them must work through these issues from their pasts, in order to create new lives for themselves.

The book did at times tend toward being cheesy and predictable. It attempts to tackle some serious issues, sometimes unsuccessfully. However, it was also sweet and at times touching. It is the perfect book if you are looking for an uplifting teen romance.

Sage has a disturbing secret that she conceals until the very end of the book. She hints about her troubled past throughout, but the final reveal ends up being very shocking.


Reviewed by Caroline, Grade 12, Tuckahoe Library

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