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Read + Review — What You Left Behind by Jessica Verdi

20933641.jpgRyden had a girlfriend named Meg, who was ill. He got Meg pregnant but she has cancer, and they have to make a difficult choice. It was either: give an abortion, or keep the baby and Meg dies. Meg wanted to have a kid, and she also wanted to leave a memory of her behind, so she chose to die. Ryden is also trying to get into a college but he gets declined because he has a baby to take care of. He meets a girl named Joni and she helps him break out of his shell and Ryden finally acts normal and Joni makes him feel like his old self.

I really liked Ryden’s character. He was a determined person who was caring to his family and hardworking when he tried to get into college. The character that I did not like was Meg. She was selfish because she left Ryden behind with a baby when she could’ve saved her own life. I also really like Joni. She helps break Ryden out of his shell and helps him through the darker times. She is a fun, charismatic person. The writing style of this book was deep, and it got straight to the point. The situation was a bit frustrating, but I really liked the happier ending.

The most memorable thing about this book is Ryden’s bravery. He stays strong throughout the whole book for Meg. He gives up everything for the baby and it is so sweet of how devoted and caring he is to something that somewhat destroyed his life.


Reviewed by Claire, Grade 7, Twin Hickory Library

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